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Vancouver International Airport’s Newly Designed Antimicrobial Copper Clean Cart Handles

Canyon, Texas: Copper Clean, LLC is leading the way in antimicrobial technology with self-sanitizing covers for high-traffic touchpoints. Antimicrobial copper covers from Copper Clean are now protecting the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

In a joint partnership with Coptek (Toronto, CA), and Teck Resources (TECK), Copper Clean, LLC designed a custom set of self-cleaning surfaces to upgrade existing luggage cart handles at YVR. The solution completely covers the handles of luggage carts with antimicrobial copper from Copper Clean, which provides continuous self-sanitizing properties to the cart handles. The handles were removed on-site where installers then affixed the Copper Clean patches to each handle before reassembly. This solution features a revolutionary seam-free design and allowed the carts to be immediately returned to use. The self-sanitizing handles feature multi-color screen printing to convey usage instructions and airport branding to the 26 million travelers that pass through YVR each year.

Luggage Cart Handles at YVR after installation of antimicrobial copper handle covers. Credit YVR

Louis Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Coptek was excited with the final product delivered to YVR. “The luggage cart handle design from Copper Clean is an elegant solution to a big problem in the travel industry. Travelers are incredibly conscious of the surfaces they touch and we are thrilled to be able to provide a solution to YVR through our exclusive relationship with Copper Clean.”

In addition to the custom luggage cart handles, other surfaces throughout the facility were outfitted with antimicrobial copper through YVR’s Innovation Hub and Teck Resources Ltd.’s Copper and Health Program. Standard Copper Clean surfaces were installed on high-traffic touchpoints such as door handles to YVR offices, water fountain buttons, and washroom locks. More than 1,000 surfaces have been upgraded to antimicrobial copper using peel and wrap products from Copper Clean.

“At Copper Clean, we are proud to have developed a product line that allows users to leverage the antimicrobial power of copper on their high-touch surfaces without having to buy completely new hardware” says Emily Hunt, Ph.D, P.E. and President of Copper Clean, LLC. “Copper Clean products are affordable, simple, safe, and effective. We are excited to leverage this project at YVR to support innovative transit programs across the globe.”

For questions or inquiries about Copper Clean, contact our Director of Public Relations at More information can be found on our website -

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