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Copper Clean Installation

Instructional Video

Install Youtube Clip.png

Inside this video, we demonstrate how to prepare the surface your new Copper Clean patch will be installed upon, and how to successfully apply the new patch. Installation takes less than a minute and is very simple and safe Remember, Copper Clean Patches are meant to complement, not replace regular cleaning practices.

Understanding Copper Surfaces

CC Understanding Clip.png

Head of Production and Quality Control, gives us a quick overview of the benefits of utilizing a copper surface versus others on the market. According to scientific studies, bacteria and viruses can live up to 4 days on surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic. Contrastly, copper surfaces will begin to break down these deposited germs and decrease their presence exponentially over time. 

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is introducing antibacterial copper-coated poles


Copper Clean™ patches have been outfitted on eight Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses that will run for the next year and be tested for efficacy and durability every few months. This is now one of several Copper Clean™ projects being funded by Teck Resources Ltd. as their commitment to having antimicrobial copper protecting the citizens of Toronto and Vancouver. 

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