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Major US Airport Implements Antimicrobial Copper Covers to Help Protect Travelers

Canyon, TX, USA. March 15, 2021. For immediate release. A major US airport has installed self-sanitizing copper surfaces to decrease the presence of harmful microbes on high-touch surfaces.

Of all the economic damage caused by the pandemic, there may be no sector that was more harshly impacted than the airline industry. Officials at Copper Clean, LLC, developers of Copper Clean® Antimicrobial Surfaces, have confirmed that an international airport hub in the US has taken a multitude of measures to provide a safe and secure environment for customers as they begin traveling again.

With states throughout the US beginning to reopen, travel through this major US airport is expected to balloon over the coming months. This surge has promoted the implementation of new policies, procedures, and the highest standard for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention during the COVID-19 era.

The airport’s newest safety measure is installation of Copper Clean® antimicrobial patches that help slow the spread of harmful pathogens. As a pilot project, the self-sanitizing copper alloy patches were applied to terminal exit doors and evaluated for antimicrobial effects, durability, and aesthetic appeal over the course of several months.

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